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Header Image - Matterhorn Panorama (Blue)


Whether you’re heading outdoors for the weekend, planning a microadventure or simply thinking of visiting somewhere new hopefully this page can be a useful starting point.  You can view 1:50k Ordnance Survey maps for free, get an overview of the mountain weather forecasts from the Met Office and find links to a whole host of other useful resources. If you spot anything that needs updating, or can think of something that might be useful to add, then please drop me a message.


The following map lets you zoom in and view 1:50k Ordnance Survey maps for the whole of Great Britain – ideal for browsing around and discovering new areas! It’s courtesy of OS OpenSpace and is subject to their fair usage limits, but don’t worry too much as it will simply refresh and work again the following day if the limit is reached.

You can also view 1:25k Explorer maps for free at Bing maps.  Alternatively, paid-for mapping services such as OS Maps or Grough Route let you easily print maps to take with you and products such as ToughPrint allow you to print onto waterproof paper at home.

In addition to the usual 1:25k Explorer and and 1:50k Landranger paper maps made by Ordnance Survey, Harvey Maps produce their own mapping aimed at walkers and outdoor enthusiasts.  Of particular interest might be their British Mountain Map series which covers popular mountain areas at 1:40k scale.  It’s produced in conjuction with the British Mountaineering Council and is printed on a tough waterproof paper.


The following widgets give an overview of the Met Office’s mountain weather forecast for key mountain areas. You can click through and view the full forecast for these, and other mountain areas, on the Met Office website.

Alternatively, the Mountain Weather Information Service also provides a dedicated mountain forecast. During the winter, an avalanche forecast for many mountain areas in Scotland can be found via the Scottish Avalanche Information Service.

Other Things

The BMC’s hillwalking guide provides a good overview of the skills and equipment needed for the UK’s hills and mountains and gives pointers on where you can gain any extra knowledge that might be needed. If you’re looking to join other like-minded people we’ve put together a list of many of the local outdoor clubs in the area.

Don’t forget – outdoor activities always carry some element of risk.  All content and links on this page are provided in good faith however Horizon Lectures cannot be held responsible for their accuracy or anything arising from their use.